About My Downloads

When you buy one of my video downloads you are buying an .MP4 file (not a physical object like a DVD).
These video files are for your personal use only – not for sharing with others, or posting online (See our Terms for more on that).
MP4 files are playable on all major computer operating systems and equipment.

Video Quality: All digital video is “compressed” to keep file-sizes manageable.  I sell downloads at two quality levels:

  • Full-size/Higher-Quality 640X480 video is high enough quality that it’ll look good at full-screen on a laptop or desktop computer, and reasonably good on a TV, if you have one that will play MPEG4 files.
  • Mobile/Small/Lower-Quality 320X240 videos  are smaller – both in terms of file-size and native-screen-size.  They’ll look pretty good on a phone or small tablet, but very noticeably blurry and degraded at full-screen on a laptop or desktop computer or a TV.

If you want videos at the highest video quality that I have available, and with chapter/scene markers that allow you to easily find your favorite scenes, plus extras, your best bet is to buy them on DVD but, for convenience, my downloads are also  a good option, depending on your viewing needs.

If you want to compare the quality of the different options before you buy, here are a few still images to compare.  If you click on one of them, it’ll bring up all three in an overlay gallery so they’re easy to compare:

and – to compare video quality – you can download and watch these two free, short, sample videos containing excerpts from all 7 of my full-length videos:

How  Buying Downloads Works: After you choose which videos you want to buy, you’ll go to your Shopping Cart to complete the purchase.  I accept payments through Paypal, and that means you can pay using all major credit cards, or – if you have a Paypal account – directly from your bank account.
Once your purchase is completed, I’ll send an email to the email address you used during the purchase process, giving you the details of the purchase and a Download Link or Links to the video(s) you purchased.
If you click the download link, your video should start downloading onto your computer/device. The file that downloads will be a video file that has been compressed into a .ZIP archive file. Your device will probably ‘unzip’ the file automatically – if it doesn’t, just double-click on the .zip file and a video file should appear. Now your video is ready for your enjoyment! Please remember – as detailed in our Terms of Use – that any video you purchase from me is for your private use only and should not be shared with anyone else or uploaded anyplace where anyone but you will have access to it.
To avoid piracy, there are limits set on the download links I send out. You’ll have a few hours to download the file, and it can only be downloaded once using the link. Most browsers allow you to pause and resume downloads, even if the browser has been closed and restarted.
If you have any trouble downloading your videos please contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. This is a one-man business (in every sense) so it may take up to 48 hours for me to get back to you, but – don’t worry! – we’ll get those videos to you!